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Insert keywords you want to rank for. Try to attain 100/100 points for better chances of ranking.

It doesn’t matter how much you practice your magic, unless you have an audience, all that hard work is for nothing. If you are ready to start performing for the public, it’s time to build a website to advertise your services as a magician. Lets look at how magicians can improve their websites, so they get noticed in the search engine site listings.

Search engine optimization, often shortened to SEO, is essential if you want your magicians website showing up near the top of the search results. However, there are good SEO and bad SEO:

There are many ‘companies’ that promise to get you listed at the top of  Googles search results, by clever SEO. Many of these services uses ‘black hat’ techniques that can get you banned by Google for trying to ‘game the system’. Some SEO companies offer to stuff lots of keywords onto a website, or create hundreds of low quality links from other sites back to your site. This won’t fool Google anymore. Generally, if a companies promise sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t true.

Never try to cheat the system when it comes to SEO. Google employs some of the world’s greatest mathematicians and experts. Their job is to stop  websites from cheating and to find ways to punish those that do!
Good SEO for magicians.

The good news for us magicians, is that there are many positive things we can do, when building our websites to help the search engines rather than cheat them. The reward for playing by Googles own rules is a greater chance of a higher listing in their search results.

The right keywords.

The  first step is to choose the keywords you will target. Make a list of 6 words or phrases that people looking to hire a magician in your area would type into the search engine. Perhaps your name, style of magic, location, type of event etc. So, if you are a close up magician living in Southampton, and you entertain in restaurants, your keywords/phrases could be:

  1. Magicians
  2. Southampton
  3. Restaurant magicians
  4. Magic
  5. Hampshire
  6. Restaurant entertainment

Content is King.

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Now that you’ve picked your keywords, build them into the content you publish on your magicians website. Use them in your about page, as headers, within buttons and links.

Don’t over do it. Write for humans rather than the search engines. A keyword  density of 1% – 2% per page is about right. If you use the same keyword too many times on the same page, Google WILL notice. If Google thinks you are ‘keyword stuffing’ they may punish your website in the listings. Google could even remove your magicians website from their search results completely.


3 Tips for picking a domain name for your magicians website.

1)  Choose domain names that contain some of your keywords. Google includes the keywords in your domain name in bold. This stands out in the search results.

2)  Choose a domain that is specific for your local area and client base. If you work 99% of the time in the UK, then choose a domain name. Google gives preference to those in the Google UK results.

3) Avoid hyphenated domains. is better than

You should also add your keywords in your META tags. META tags are hidden from visitors, but search engines use them to understand and index your  site.

The essential one is the Title META tag. The text you add in the Title tag  is shown in the main link to your site, in the search results. Ideally, the Title tag should be your magician’s stage name, and the subject of  that page (for example, Paul Smith – Restaurant Magic in Southampton,  Hampshire).

Keep the page Title tag under 175 characters, so it’s not  truncated in the search results.

The other two META tags that are used by search engines are Keywords and Description.

Keywords are not really used by Google anymore, but add a few in anyway. The ‘Description’ IS important, as that’s shown under the Title tag in the search results. It’s not used for ranking, but visitors that look at the listings will read it to see if the page is useful to them.

Building links.

Google tries to judge a website by how trustworthy it is. To do this, it will look at the number of websites that link to your magicians website. The more high ranking websites that are linking back to yours the more ‘SEO  Juice’ your site builds up.

  1. Resist the temptation to tell how the trick worked… keep them guessing and they’ll be even more impressed with your show.
  2. Never do the same trick more than once for the same audience.  It makes it too easy for the audience to guess how it was done.
  3. Control the seating arrangements…  Some of the tricks require that the people be looking straight at you.  Have the audience remain seated throughout the show.
  4. Wherever you can, borrow the objects from the audience…  Coins, pencils, napkins, etc.  Borrowing from the audience makes it seem like the magician hasn’t had time to do anything sneaky to the item.  This makes everything seem more magical!
  5. Lovely Assistantmagic puppet:  a lot of the card tricks (or any other mind reading type tricks) work well using a magical puppet or stuffed animal as your assistant.  Try putting on an entire show where you aren’t a magician at all…  Instead claim that you bought a puppet from an old gypsy woman and it turned out to be magic (you can make up a cool story to use as your patter).  Have the puppet or stuffed animal “whisper” the answers into your ear.  Having a puppet do all the work, may keep you from getting stage fright!  I’ve included the puppet image on all the tricks that will work well this way.

The  best way to get links to your site is to make it interesting, so other sites will link to it. A generic magicians website is not going to be a  popular site for links, so you need to think about ways to earn links. A great way to do this is to set up a ‘recommended’ page. You can then  link to other types of entertainers or party services, who will  hopefully give you a link as well. We on the lookout for sites linking to you with a ‘no follow’ link. These links don’t pass any ‘SEO Juice’ to you as Google doesn’t count them.

At all costs, avoid companies that offer to set up backlinks for you. Google knows this is ‘gaming the system’ and the latest Google update  (called Penguin) will punish sites that use link farms and bulk link-back tactics.


Google counts links on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, so make sure you add a few links back to your magicians website. Remember not to spam links on social networks, as it does more harm than good.

Say goodbye to Flash.

Search engines don’t see Flash, so make sure you use as little as possible on your website.

Provide a guide.

Remember to include a site map for Google to use. It allows Google to crawl your site quickly and get to every page.


Look at website site traffic reports for your site. Notice which keywords people use to find you. Check where you rank in Google for your chosen keywords. If you rank very low for some keywords, think about changing them to keywords that have less competition, but will send more targeted visitors to your website.

Getting your SEO fixed.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for your magicians website to work publicity, and many more magic gigs.

One of the problems magicians face when trying to get the SEO right on their magicians websites, is who to trust. There is a great deal of companies that offer a paid serv

for SEO. Some are excellent, but there are many that use questionable sales techniques, and can’t be trusted.

The magician apologizes to the audience — he forgot the magic rope for his rope trick.  BUT, luckily he had chicken for lunch, so he’ll use a chicken bone, say a magic word and turn it into a rope with a knot in it.

The magician shows the audience the magic box inside and out (er, a Kentucky Fried Chicken box would work well).  He can also let them examine the chicken bone (if he’s comfortable that no one will break it).

The magician places a chicken bone into a magic box.  He says abracadabra but nothing happens.  He considers for a moment (consults his magic puppet or assistant if he has one) and realizes he should have said Alakachicken.

He places the bone into the box again.  He reminds the audience to help him remember the correct magic word.  He waves his magic wand over the box and says Abraca-chicken!

Oh no!  (either the assistant or the magic puppet or the audience can point out that he’s used the wrong magic word again).

What can it mean?  What happened?  The magician looks nervous and tells the audience that Abraca-chicken is a very advanced magic word…  He wasn’t ready for magic that advanced.

The magician reaches into the magic box and pulls out a chicken bone with a knot into it.  (remember, it was supposed to turn into a rope with a knot in it).



  • two magic boxes that are identical
  • main work table covered in a table cloth
  • OPTIONAL:  handkerchief and magic wand
  • lower table in front of the work table that only the magician can see
  • two identical thin chicken bones
  • vinegar



This trick is half science.

Drop one of the chicken bonesegar.  Make sure it’s totally immersed.  Leave it there for a day.  (you will notice it bubbling).  When calcium carbonate (in the bone) and acetic acid (the vinegar) combine, a chemical reaction takes place and carbon dioxide (a gas) is released.  This is what the bubbles are made of.

The bone will now be like a piece of string.  Tie it in a knot.  Leave it sit on the table for another day.  Carbon dioxide from the air will re-enter the bone making it hard again.

Put the knotted bone inside one of the magic be low table that no one but the magician can see.


Note:  If using a handkerchief, fiddle around with it a lot to make the audience think it has something to do with the magic.

Take the empty magic box and put it on the table.  Let everyone see that it’s empty.  Place the chicken bone in

the box.  Cover with a handkerchief (optional).  Wave your magic wand over it and say Abracadabra.  Remove the handkerchief, pull out the bone and look very disappointed.

When you’re revealing that nothing happened, look embarrassed and quickly put everything back on the table.  Make sure you put the box as close as possible to the other box.

Make it look like you’re getting ready for / starting to explain the next trick.  Then have your assistnd you that y

ou used the wrong magic word.  (or remember yourself).

Look very excited and start repeating the correct magic word ALAKA-CHICKEN to yourself.  Moving q

uickly like you’re excited to get going again, put the bone back in the empty box WHILE IT’S STILL ON THE LOW TABLE.

Now turn to the audience and ask them to help you remember the new magic word.

Pick up the box with the knotted bone inside.  Cover with a handkerchief.  Wave the wand and say ABRACA-CHICKEN.

In all the excitement and confusion the audience should miss the fact that you switched boxes.

Realize that you’ve said the wrong word again (with the audience’s/magic puppet/assistant’s help).  Look nervo

us — it’s an advanced magic word *gulp*.  Remove the handkerchief.  Reach in

and pull out the chicken bone with a knot in it.

(you can say something like:  The bad news is that it didn’t turn into a rope.  The good news is that it does have a knot in it).

You can give it to the audience to look at.

he magician shuffles the deck and takes the top thirteen cards.  Holding the cards face down, he proceeds to spell

the first card name, Ace. “A-C-E,” and for each letter, he puts one card under the packet of thirteen cards.  He then flips over the next card (the fourth,  He re

peats this process for each card number, Ace through King.  At the end, he has all thirteen cards face up on the table, in sequential order.


~ a deck of cards


Remove and arrange 13 cards in the fo

llowing setup, top card down: Three, Eight, Seven, Ace, Queen, Six, Four, Two, Jack, King, Ten, Nine, and Five.  Put these on top of the deck.

A magic teacher named Harold wrote to share a little story he tells his students to help them remember t

he setup for this trick:
“Three hundred & eighty seven years ago there lived a Queen that was sixty four years old.  She had two child

ren.  One named Jack, the other named King. Jack was ten years old and King was nine years old and the were both in the fifth grade.”
3,8 7,A,Q

To start, pretend to shuffle the cards, leaving the top thirteen untouched (young children can skip the shuffling part and just begin with the 13 cards.

Remove the top thirteen cards as a group and arrange them like a fan, so that your audience can see their faces.  Square u

When you spell out each card, do it as follows: let’s say you’re spelling the word ACE.  Spell A, remove the top card

and place it on the bottom.  Then spell C, and remove the top card and place t

hat on the bottom.  Next spell E, remove this top card and place it on the bottom. Flip the new top card and show that it’s an Ace, and place it ON THE TA

BLE (not on the bottom of the deck).

Continue in this manner until all the cards are face up on the table. (You spell the cards in order: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K)  Your audience may realize that the cards must have been set up beforehand, but this only adds to the mystery – and you can treat it as a puzzle for them to try to figure out.


Print out the template and make as many common words as you can from the phrase “Bouquet of Flowers”.  This

is good spelling practice for young children (and a challenge for adults too — ju

st ask my partner — he had to help me with the sample answers sheet *wink*).

Word Mining Tips

  • Some people find it useful to
  • rearrange the letters they have available in alphabetical order or grouped by consonants and vowels before they start mining.For example, if your word mining phrase is “Happy Birthday” you might find it useful to rearrange the letters:
  • Talk to the children about using “rhymes” to help fill in more words.  For example, if you find the word
  • Rat (using “Happy Birthday” as our word mining example) encourage th
  • e children to replace the first letter (R) in Rat with some of the other consonants available to come up with Bat, Hat, Pat, THat 

Word Mining Rules:

  • Words that require a capital letter are not allowed (names like David or Sally).
  • Words that are pluralized simply by adding an “s” are not allowed (cats, dogs, owls) though their singular is allowed (cat, dog, owl).
  • Words that require punctuation are not allowed (ex:  can’t, don’t).
  • To make word mining more challenging, you can also disallow 1, 2 and 3 letter words.  However, if you’re doing this with younger children I recommend allowing them t
  • o form words with as many letters as they like.

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  • Close the template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero if y
  • ou have trouble fitting the template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP o
  • r FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).
  • OK, here are the directionsFirst off, people seemed to enjoy the Legendary Birds contest I ran awhile ago, but one “pretty please” I received from a few people was to keep the clues in the Anime sections.So for this hunt, all the answers will be either in one of the Anime areas (pokemon, digimon, dragonball z, powerpuff girls and Sailor Moon) or in Valentine’s Day (this is a Valentine’s Day contest after all).Each weekend for 4 weeks, I will post a ne
  • w clue.  Follow the clue to one of Jynx’s Lovely Kisses    The kiss will appear
  • at the top-ish right hand corner of the screen.  Click on the lovely kiss image when you’ve found it and you’ll be taken to a secret Pokemon V
  • alentine’s Day Hunt page.  On this page you’ll find a couple printable
  • goodies (things like coloring pages, posters, bookmarks, crafts, and valenti
  • magic india
  • ne’s day cards come to mind) and the clue’s secret code.Email me back the secret code and I’ll keep track of your name.If you find all 4 secret codes, type them intoto unlock the main prize page.  On this page there’ll be even more printable goodies.OK… here’s theRight from the time he came of age, my father’s enquiring mind began a thorough search of the origi
  • ns of magic and its practice in India. Going through ancient Sanskrit tex
  • ts and scriptures, yogic literature and treatises, he discovered that a
  • good many of the celebrated magic acts of today were performed in the
  • Vedic and later periods. “The Great Indian Rope Trick”, for instance, has be
  • en mentioned in Shankaracharya’s commentary on Vedanta as an offshoot of Indrajala VidyaKauchumara Yoga and Chhalitak Yoga. He also found out that the “Art and Science of Magic” was taught in such eminent seats of learning as the universities of Nalanda, Takshashila and Abantipura. Even in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was said to be trained in the intriguing craft of magic. It did not take much deliberation to make up his mind. He decided to become a full-fledged magician with the sol
  • e aim of reviving this ancient art form.My father dearly loved our country and our culture, which gifted him with his identity as a magician.
  • And understandably, he could not bear the yoke of colonial subjugation
  • which in his time had weighed down his motherland. He wanted to break free, to unfasten the shackles and unlock the handcuffs as it were. M
  • agic was all he had, his only means of taking on the might of imperial power.He used this means effectively to the cause of “Swadeshi”, the patriotic desire to revitalise India, her unique culture and traditions (the Swadeshi concept developed during the movement against the partition of Bengal in 1905 but its ethos resonated all through India’s struggle for independence). Before his tour of South East Asia, he had already flung himself headlong into restoring
  • the immense storehouse of “magical” knowledge this country possessed, recording and trying on every trick he could find. After his return from
  • his tour, he took forward his mission with renewed zeal, travelling across the length and breadth of Bengal and beyond, wherever he was invite
  • d to perform — Jalpaiguri, Dinajpur, Pabna, Rangpur, Murshidabad, Dumka, Patna, Allahabad, Kanpur and, of course, Dhaka and Calcutta. A
  • nd he ran the extra mile when they called upon him to raise funds for spreading the swadeshi spirit. In Allahabad, for instance, he perfor
  • med at the Swadeshi Exhibition at the invitation of All India Swadeshi League to raise money for the Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital. In the absence of Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamala’s illustrious husband, then busy with political work in Kanpur, PC Sorcar was the star of the event.His feats evoked both admiration and concern among the British administration of the time. At a gMagic India
  • arden party in 1936 given by the Pabna district magistrate in honour of JC Farmer, Bengal’s inspector general of policfurore. After putting up some
  • of his routine acts, he declared that he could unlock any handcuff in the world. The Pabna police took up the challenge immediately. Sorcar w
  • as handcuffed by the district’s superintendent of police Zakir Hosain and, thereafter, subjected to a thorough examination by the gues
  • ts. It was heard that, on previous occasions, Sorcar had successfully escaped only one pair of handcuffs; so, this time, he was secured with two, for good measure. The superintendent of police informed everyone that both the pairs were selected from the latest supply to Pabna jail. After the hands were tightly fastened, the keys were retained by one of the police officers.The crowd waited with bated magic india breath. In a few seconds, Sorcar, an enigmatic smile on his face, opened
  • both the handcuffs with a slight twist of his wrists. Everyone was astou applause, the inspector general, the superintendent and other police and
  • district officials stared on in disbelief. This “magic” did not go do
  • wn well with them.A couple of years before the Pabna episode, my father had escaped from a sealed box with handcuffs on inside t
  • he Mymensingh jail. He kept escaping boxes, trunks, wooden chests, rope ties, iron cages and what have you. It was as if he was impossible to contain.This was my father’s way of instilling hope and courage into the hearts of the freedom fighters incarcerated by the British. “Karar oi louho kopat, Bhenge phel kor re lopat (Those iron doors of your prison, Smash them, make them disappear)” — it seemed Sorcar was putting into action those famous lines by celebrated poet K
  • Magic India
    Magic India

    azi Nazrul Islam. The British administratorsmagic india were unnerved. If S

  • orcar could defy the shackles, who knows, the masses may take inspiration and rise up.The Pabna party ended with yet another awe-inspiring act by my father. He offered the chief guest a writing p
  • ad and pencil, requesting him to write on it whatever he pleased. Farmer scribbled a few lines and handed the paper to the superintendent of police to read aloud to the other guests at the party. The police official read: “I promise to give the magician one gold medal as I am highly pleased with his feats. Signed: JC Farmer, August 19, 1936.” Farmer nearly fell off his seat. Clearly, this was not what he had written, although he vouched for the handwriting and signature to definitely be his.Sorcar had done it again! He had used “force writing”, a popular magic technique, to imph-ranking British
  • officer of law. Farmer surely had a very disturbed sleep that fateful night in Pabna.The most talked-about instance of my father’s “force-writing” act was not on any British ruler, though, but his
  • own countrymen. A few months before his departure for Japan in 193
  • 7, Sorcar was invited to perform at a celebratory tea party for the newly elected ministry of Bengal being hosted at the Imperial restaurant in Calcutta. During his act father gave a writing pad to Fazlul Huq, the prime minister — so designated then — asking him to write something on it.Huq Sahib wrote whatever he pleased and put his signature at the bottom. Each of the ministers was als
  • o asked to write something and sign, which they did one by one. Sorc
  • ar then asked Calcutta’s commissioner of police, LH Colson, to re
  • ad out what Huq and the ministers had written. It turned out that
  • each one had submitted their resignation from the ministry and nomina
  • ted PC Sorcar as the prime minister! Poring over the pages of the writ
  • ing pad, each one agreed that the signature and handwriting on it matched their own. Everyone was bowled over but there was a round of applause.My father was called the “man with X-ray eyes” because of his “uncanny powers” of reading lengthy articles or drawing sketches or solving mathematical puzzles blindfolded. He, of course, created a commotion when eyes plastered with a four-fold cloth bandage, he cycled on the Strand in Pabna town, manoeuvring deftly through streaming cars, rickshaws, push carts and the crowds. Likewise, Calcutta was amazed to find Sorcar driving round the busiest
  • streets with his eyes sealed shut with flour douve that he had an inner eye which, as he said at the time, he acquired through
  • yoga and Indian occult rituals.
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