Airborne Glass is an amazing, visual, and very off beat magic effect. At any time during his show the performer picks up a can of Coke, Pepsi, or his favourite soda, and an empty clear glass.This effect is exactly that! While the magician is pouring liquid into a glass, he suddenly releases his hold on the glass. It remains suspended in mid-air! It even remains suspended he continues to fill the glass with more liquid. Your audience will not believe their eyes with this magical spectacle,

Airborne Glass is perfect for:

  • Comedy
  • Nightclubs
  • Family Shows
  • Stage Shows
  • Any Venue!

Comes ready to use with special gimmick & glass. You can use own Coca Cola and Juice Bottle.

Note – This is not a close-up trick & should be performed at least 8-10 feet away with your audience sitting down.

Airborne Glass Gimmick only Buy 

Weight 150 g


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