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Appearing Cane Multicolor


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Appearing Cane Multicolor

Cane Appears from nowhere! Imagine – with sleeves rolled up, you reach into mid-air & produce a formal cane!

I LOVE TO PERFORM IT THIS WAY: You walk out twirling a silk scarf & it VISUALLY changes into the cane!

The special pure silk scarf necessary for this not supplied, but is described on this page.

How to prepare the Appearing Cane Methods 

  • Wave Silk To Cane
  • Toss Silk To Cane
  • Fist Silk to Cane
  • Spin Silk to Cane
  • Fire Silk to Cane
  • Confetti to Cane
  • Appearing Top Hat Silk to Cane
  • Silk Knot to Cane
  • Twister Silk to Cane

Beautiful instantaneous flashy magic.

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