Magic Kit Box

Have you ever wished to be a magician? Here’s a chance to introduce the world of magic with no knives and saws! Introducing to you a box filled with magic tricks for you to learn and become a skilled magician! This box of 15conjuring tricks along with illustrated instructions have been carefully prepared to make you the new budding magician. You can perform most of these tricks without requiring hours of practice or exceptional skills. Any tricks involving the use of matches or a lighter may only be performed with adult supervision. This fun-filled box of magic tricks is suitable for children of age 5 years and above. Practice by performing in front of your family, relatives, and friends to improve your skills and precision. Have fun exploring your dream while learning patience, persistence and developing observation and concentration powers. The game also enhances logic and improves fast-thinking.

Note This Box Include 15 Magic Item

  1. Color Changing Feather
  2. Money Pad
  3. Baba Puzzle
  4. T Puzzle
  5. Blank Paddle
  6. Xerox Coin
  7. Repeat Square Puzzle
  8. Balance Card
  9. Horse Rider Puzzle
  10. Age Card
  11. Coin Cap
  12. Egg Surprise Big
  13. Rope Cut & Restore
  14. Floating Match Stick
  15. E F Card



Weight 500 g


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