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Mark Stripper Deck


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This the one of the best Combination of two tricks in one deck.

Mark Stripper Deck

This deck has everything you know and the cards are Marked Cards, but with a diabolical secret! The Stripper deck has a slightly tapered shape that allows you to find one or multiple cards in the fairest way possible, even after the spectator has shuffled the deck! These are top-quality stripper decks, die-cut at the factory. Many stripper decks on the market are cut from standard decks at a severe angle, resulting in a deck that looks and feels sloppy. The Marked Strippers are factory fresh with the ideal shape and perfectly rounded corners, allowing ease of use whether you’re a beginner or pro.

  • Die-Cut to the Perfect Taper 
  • Same Great Handling & Finish 
  • Amazing Marking System 
  • Easy-to-Use at Any Skill Level

Comes with – Special Deck & Instructions


Weight 100 g


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