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Universal Levitator


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This is an extremely versatile Levitator Gimmick, that will allow you to “float” some small everyday objects, without any special set-up or preparation. Carry the gimmick in your pocket, slip it on, and you are ready to perform ! The gimmick will float any small object with a smooth flat surface, like a Plastic Tumbler or Bottle, a Cell Phone, an IPod, a soft drink or beer can (almost empty), etc. etc. The gimmick is specially made. No threads or magnets involved. Can be put on in seconds. No set up necessary, it’s always ready. Very easy to use, and as versatile as the magician’s thumb tip. Once you use it, you will carry it with you all the time.

What You Get

  • The equipment
  • The instructions
  • Carry Box
Weight 100 g


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